AGENDA: BC School Board meeting on March 7

March 1, 2013 • Government, News, Schools

Board of School Trustees Meeting Agenda
Date: March 7, 2013
Location: High School
Executive Session: 5:00 PM
Regular Meeting: 6:00 PM



Regular Session
1. Call To Order
2. Modifications to the Agenda
3. Recognition of Visitors – Comments from the Audience
4. Presentation – BETA, Summer “Can Do” Camp – Michelle Pollack
5. Discussion Items – General Fund Deficit Resolution Options
6. Approval of Minutes –
a. Recommendation to approve Executive Session Minutes from February 21, 2013.
b. Recommendation to approve Regular Session Minutes from February 21, 2013.
7. Action Needed Items –
a. Recommendation to approve out of State Field Trips:
i. Helmsburg 6th grade Field Trip to Louisville, KY, May 9, 2013.
ii. Spanish Honor Society Senior Trip to King’s Island in Cincinnati, OH, May 10, 2013.
b. Recommendation to approve the adoption of the proposed Amendment Number One as
required by the IRS for the Brown County Schools 401(a) Plan (“Plan”).
c. Recommendation to approve a six-week Leave Request for Nashville Elementary Principal.
d. Recommendation to approve the retirement of Lucy McGrayel, Principal at Van Buren.
8. Consent Agenda Items – Personnel
a. Separations –
i. Non-Certified Special Education Para Professional at BCHS, Robert Newlin, effective
March 5, 2013. This resignation includes a resignation as JV Softball Head Coach.
ii. Non-Certified Special Education Bus Driver, Chrissie DeWees, effective March 8, 2013.
iii. Certified Elementary Art Teacher at Nashville and Van Buren, Ann Woods, effective
June 30, 2013.
iv. Certified Elementary Teacher at Van Buren, Christy Russell, effective June 30, 2013.
b. Appointments –
i. ECA, Assistant Varsity Track Coach, Trent Storch, effective March 7, 2013.
Replacement for Nick Panozzo.
ii. ECA 2013 Spring Assistant Coach Recommendations
1. Patrick Thomas – Track & Field
c. Transfers – None
9. Superintendent’s Report
10. Adjournment


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